Are you spending most of your time in front of Computer Screen, Television, Smart phone, laptop and video games?

If your answer is yes, then you should start caring of your eyes. It’s a high time to know what kind of problems may arise and how to avoid it by just making a very simple adjustment in your working culture.

Generally when we watch any display screen, the rate at which we blink the eyelid gets decreased and in return the lubricating factor i.e. tears which also moisten our eyes dries quickly causing Dry Eye Syndrome technically known as Keratoconjunctivitis sicca.

It’s a slow process, initially you will start scratchiness, burning sensation, red eyes and also eye discharges will not be in regular form. You may start feeling of external substance in your eyes. If ignored for longer duration may lead to even blur vision. This issue is not specific to any age group. No matters whether you wear spectacles/glasses or not but if you blink less frequently than desired may lead to DRY EYE.

However it’s been found that dry eye prevails more in older adults and more in women’s then men. Dry Eye is high among office computer users and is more prevalent in large city.

I will not get into the details of Eye Structure and its design, will not be discussing about the functionality and content of tears which not only moist our eyes but also neutralizes the micro-organism.

Things to do :-

Make a habit of blinking your eyelids more often.
Eat lots of Green vegetables and drink lots of Water.
Start using Dark fully covered sunglasses.
Always use proper lightening at your work area.
If you sit in front of monitors for longer duration do ask for computer glasses they are not power lens but help to ease your eyes from strain.
Consult your eye doctor for best suited eye-drops for dryness.
Avoid any Lasik or eye surgery unless properly consulted with the doctor.
Avoid washing eyes frequently if you feel of foreign substance in your eye.
There is no cure for this however you may get better treatment based on the state of dryness.

These are few general practices to prevent your eyes from Dry Eye Syndrome however don’t forget to meet your Eye Doctor for specific information.